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Sendagaya Futsal Court

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Fees per court per hour (consumption tax included)

  • ※Fees per court per hour (consumption tax included)
  • ※Two futsal balls and six bib numbers can be rented free of charge for each court.
  • ※The coat fee has been changed from April 1.2014(included tax).

  • \7,000→\7,200

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    • ※The maximum period that can be reserved is four hours per team per day.

    Registered teams

    Reservations two months in advance start at 9:00am on the 10th of each month.

    Visitor teams

    Reservations for the next month start on the 1st of each month.

    Fees per court per hour (consumption tax included)

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    Team registration

    Applications may be made at anytime.
    Registered teams are given priority when making reservations. Registered teams may use the courts at member rates and pay on the day of use.

    Admission fee \5,100
    Annual registration fee \10,300
    • ※Registration numbers: 7 to 20 members per team
    • ※To avoid miscommunication and difficulties, the contact person should be fluent Japanese speaker.

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