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Jingu Stadium

The venue for Tokyo Big6 Baseball League games and other renowned events, Jingu Stadium is hallowed ground for student ball players. This stadium is also the home field of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, and attracts large numbers of spectators on a daily basis.

Golf Driving Range

One of the largest venues of its kind in Tokyo, the Golf Driving Range has 163 ranges.
Private lessons and golf schools held by in-house professionals are also available.

Rubber-ball Baseball Ground

The largest baseball ground in central Tokyo, it is widely known for its popularity with amateur baseballers.
The venue includes tennis courts that can be rented on a per-court basis, a futsal court, and an indoor practice facility, all popular with users.

Ice Skating Rink

This Ice Skating Rink is available to users from beginners to professionals, and is open all seasons.
It can be used for ice hockey and curling games, as well as for figure skating.

Tennis Club

The Tennis Club is a members-only club that boasts a beautiful natural environment and a long history and tradition.
Tennis schools and rental courts are available for non-members.

Batting Practice Range

The Batting Practice Range lets you play against popular baseball players (virtually).
The ranges can be used for batting practice at levels ranging from beginners to serious practice.

Jingu Secondary Stadium

This baseball ground is used for the Tokyo regional qualifiers for the National High School Baseball Championship and for Division-2 games of Tohto University Baseball League, among other events.

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Art / Culture

Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery

This is the symbol of Jingu Gaien, built to record the virtue of the Meiji emperor and Shoken empress dowager for posterity.
Murals representing the achievements of the emperor and the empress dowager are exhibited in the museum.

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Park for Children

This is a land of adventures for children, with TRIM (fitness) facilities, mountains, a waterfall, and a wood.
The Park also allows children to come in contact with birds and insects rarely seen in urban areas.

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Access / Restaurant


How to access Meijijiugu gaien.


Information about restaurants around Meijijingu Gaien is available.
Please feel free to drop in while on a stroll or after playing sport.


Carparks around Meijijingu gaien.

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